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  1. The initial consultation is conducted by an eye specialist or qualified optician.
  2. The preliminary medical examination is carried out by an experienced eye specialist and surgeon.
  3. The surgery itself is then performed by an experienced local surgeon. We do not work with travelling surgeons!
  4. Our surgeons have been awarded the trainer status by the Refractive Surgery Committee (KRC); this authorises them to train others in LASIK surgery.
  5. The fees include all medically required follow-up appointments (at the DOmed location of your choice)*.
  6. The surgery is performed at a location certified by the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV);
  7. To ensure maximum technical safety, we have ongoing maintenance and service agreements with the laser manufacturers.
  8. In the Dortmund metropolitan area, the particularly safe and reliable Femto LASIK method is offered only at the DOmed eye clinic Westfalen.
  9. Our prices do not depend on how poor your eyesight is.
  10. Our eye specialists are liable for their actions. Your treatment contract is not entered into with a German limited liability company (GmbH), but directly with the doctor.
  11. The partners of DOmed are all physicians who have been practising in the area for many years and not investors and/or corporations.
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