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In addition to the standard examinations and treatments, DOmed eye clinics also offer a whole array of surgical procedures. Whether cataract or glaucoma surgery, eye laser treatments  or premium lens implantations for a life without glasses. Our DOmed eye specialists are proud to provide you with nearly the entire range of eye care treatments from a single source.

All treatments are based on the highest standards of medical expertise – the so-called gold standards. Benefit from the opportunities arising from our experience and state-of-the-art equipment today. The DOmed eye specialists look forward to accompany you on your journey.


Prescriptions, evaluations and GDPR

You aren’t able to personally collect your prescriptions or results and want a family member, friend or care organisation to pick them up for you? In this case, we need your written conformation including the name and address of the authorised person in accordance with the GDPR.

The template under this link corresponds to the GDPR and enables us to provide your authorised representative with your results and prescriptions. And if the situation changes, you can withdraw the authorisation at any time.


In addition, the authorised representative will have to present your health insurance card and their ID card.

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